Q: Im going on a little eurotrip this summer and i need some tips! what is the best way to pack lightly and best way to budget? i always end up over packing and not wearing half of my clothes.. Thanks!

Fuuuun youre going to love it! Where are you going?

My suggestions would be

A bikini, 2 pairs of shorts, 2 shoestring singlets, 2 tops,¬†2 summer dresses, some nike shorts, a pair of nike runners, a pair of jandals. Peter alexander pj shorts. Sunglasses an iphone a camera (underwater is best),¬†Underwear, 2 bras, socks and as little toiletries as you can manage with! You will definitely buy things- jewelry, clothes, sandals etc. Dont take lots… HAVE FUN! X

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Q: what are you craving for atm ?

A New Zealand summer that everyone back home is having right now, Some new Topshop flats that I ahve my eye on, Some NZ avocado…Some sunshine. Some goodluck!x

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Q: i've become sooo inspired by your travel blog, makes me wanna go travel the world SO bad.

I love getting messages about my travel blog! Thank you!x

For those of you who would like to have a look…. europeanjetset.blogspot.com

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Q: It makes me so happy to see your posts appear on my dashboard! Your trip looks amazing, so many breath taking photos. Keep up the awesomeness you are inspiring this fellow Auckland girl to get out there and travel! Much love & safe travels sister xxxxx

Wadup babeville! Happy to be back thanks for the warm welcome. Save save saveeeee lady and goodluck. Please go to ZUS&ZO and order a longblack and eggs benny in my honor i am cuuuur-rrrraaaaaving ZUS&ZO so bad x

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