The year of 2013 has been so rewarding. I have traveled to all corners of the earth, I have met some incredible people and now I have come home to all my amazing people in beautiful little New Zealand. I am grateful for the lessons 2013 has taught me and the opportunity of a fresh new year in 2014, I am grateful for my healthy body & mind. I am grateful that despite a year of almost no blogging I still have 43,000 stellar followers. Bring on 2014- I wish you all health, wealth, prosperity, plenty of ripe avocados, rich coffee and most of all happiness&zen. BIG LOVE X

Just booked an amaziiiiing apartment in paris for new years with two of my best friendsĀ ….sometimes life just gets so exciiiiiting you want to squeal like a baby piglet and burst into confettiiiiiiii

Today is July 20th. And on August 20th I leave my home in Auckland, New Zealand on a 1 way ticket to London. I couldnt be more thriiiiiiiiiiilled! One month exactly. Unfuckingreal x